Attentive Construction...

Brennan has built a reputation on design, creativity, honesty and craftsmanship; focus on detail with organization skills and a true dedication of a project being done well, on budget and timely. Brennan has also earned the trust of both customers and suppliers... all of which adds up to integrity.

Leo Brennan always demands a close working relationship with customers to ensure open lines of communications and accessibility from each other. Brennan also never loses site of his customers' vision and financial concerns.

To have a home or building that is impressive, unforgettable, saturated with personality and full of quality - choose a builder that builds with passion, integrity, pride and a deep appreciation for your "vision". A builder that can meet your expectations!

Considering a project? Give us a call and see just how we can make a difference.

Choose Bennan Building - "distinctive builders"

Note: The photos enclosed in this site represent just a few of the many and varied projects accomplished.


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